Exposing Your 'But'

I hate to be the one to tell someone she was lied to in school. But when a reader of my column e-mailed to point out my error in using "but" at the beginning of a sentence, she left me little choice.

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One Response to “Exposing Your 'But'”

  1. Great topic and thank you. I am still a slave to most of the myths I learned in grade school. Although I break those "rules" all the time, I always feel so guilty.

    My guilt really ramped up when I heard these "rules" being enforced in my son's 3rd grade class. His teacher is in his 20's, by the way. I like to think these teaching rules are designed to get people to start sentences and write them with more interesting words and to challenge their vocabulary.

    But, as you talked about, the myths still seem to have a lot of punch and staying power. Thanks for be a MythBuster.