I or Me After 'Than'?
Posted by June on October 18, 2016


In the premiere of the HBO series "Westworld," two programmers at a high-tech amusement park are talking about a colleague.

"No one respects him more than me," one says, "but —"

He doesn't get to finish the thought.

"I," his superior corrects him. "No one respects him more than I. Your pronoun is the subject of the second clause."

Was she right? My latest column has the answer.


Six More Punctuation Mistakes You're Probably Making
Posted by June on October 10, 2016


The comma or period after a closing quote mark is probably the most common punctuation mistake I see. But my most recent column highlights six more common mistakes, including putting the apostrophe before the S in the '90s (instead of before the 9) and letting your computer turn your apostrophe into an open single quotation mark.

Here's the column.

Language Changes Happening Right Now
Posted by June on October 3, 2016

Are you more likely to say "They started to walk" or "They started walking"?

According to an interest piece on Mental Floss, the infinitive in a case like this is losing ground to the "ing" form. And that's just one of the interesting language changes researchers say are happening as we speak (pun intended). Here's the article.

Good Things Come to ...
Posted by June on September 26, 2016
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Do good things come to he who waits? Or do good things come to him who waits? Ask a thousand people and you'll get somewhere between 999 and 1,000 bewildered looks.

It's a tough question. You need not one but two grammar concepts under your belt to figure out the answer. You need to know about prepositions. You also need a solid understanding of relative pronouns.

Here's a recent column explaining everything you need to know.