We're Not Worthy
Posted by June on July 18, 2016


As a suffix, "worthy" is on the rise. In his recent Wall Street Journal column, Ben Zimmer asks why.

Prolly Worth Your Time
Posted by June on July 11, 2016


Baltimore Sun copy editor and all-around language guy John McIntyre did a post a while back about one of my favorite casualisms: prolly. Worth a read!


Who Can Use 'Whom'?
Posted by June on July 4, 2016


It seems anytime "whom" or "whomever" is positioned as the subject of one clause and the object of another, people mess it up. And by people, I mean professional writers and editors.

The latest comes from the Los Angeles Times:

"Edric Dashell Gross, whom police said is a transient known to frequent Santa Monica, was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder."

Here's my column explaining why that "whom" should have been "who."


Rumors of the Death of the Period Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
Posted by June on June 27, 2016


In case you missed it, a recent New York Times piece has proclaimed that the period "may be dying." But if you read what the experts quoted in the story actually said, that's not quite it. Periods are out of vogue in one- or two-sentence text messages, as well as in 140-characters-or-fewer tweets. Fascinatingly, when a tweet or text does include a period, the punctuation takes on a new connotation: snark.

But that doesn't mean the period's dying. Decide for yourself. Here's the Times piece.