Show Titles in Quote Marks on Steroids

When you're following a style in which movie, book and show titles are placed in quotation marks (which is as valid as putting them in italics), how do you make them possessive?

That is, if you're talking about the book "The Road," is it "The Road's" themes or "The Road"'s themes. I researched this question a few years ago for my punctuation book. There's no clear answer.

So I asked a team of professional editors. They disagreed with each other on whether the apostrophe and S go inside or out.

As for me, years ago I somehow got into my head that the possessive marker should go inside the quote marks. So I prefer "The Road's" themes.

But reader Lenny posed a much harder question. Would I choose:

"The Sopranos'" cast members.

"The Sopranos's" cast members.

"The Sopranos" cast members.

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