8 Ways to Overcome Fear of Being Wrong About Grammar

“Teachers are often scared of grammar.”

That’s the unhappy verdict of an article posted on the UK-based teacher support website Tes.com.

“The fear of being wrong with grammar is huge — the fear of being exposed,” University of Exeter professor Debra Myhill told the site. “You don’t get that as a literature teacher, because everything is about opinion — there’s no right or wrong. You can’t wing it as a grammar teacher.”

I stay out of education debates. I don’t have kids in school. I’m not a teacher. And I’ve heard enough uninformed criticisms of hard-working teachers to know that I don’t want to add another uninformed voice to the discussion.  But there's one thing I can offer: hope.

Here's my recent column offering 8 ways to overcome fear of being wrong about grammar.


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